Painful Shoulders Stopping You From Shooting?
The Six Week Recovery Plan For Archers With Weak And Sore Shoulders
"The most common injury inflicting archers is with shoulders. This program has helped some of my best clients get back to shooting in just 6 weeks"
- Alistair Whittingham
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Dr Claudine Jennings
British Compound Team, Multiple Scottish Champion
"I have been plagued by rotator cuff injuries throughout my archery career. I had seen physiotherapists and done my fair share of stretchy band exercises and even had steroid injections into my shoulder however my problems always returned. After a particularly painful indoor season I looked for a different answer and came to the [ASW shoulder program] – this program was developed by strength and conditioning experts and focuses on strengthening and stabilising the shoulder joint by adding muscle bulk as well as increasing flexibility of the shoulder and spine. The program is hard but the twice weekly sessions soon began to pay off with a noticeable increase in the muscles of my upper back and shoulders. When I returned to shooting I was completely pain free for the first time in years. I would recommend this program to any archer, either to prevent future problems or to aid recovery from an injury."
So Who Is This Program For?
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Why You May Need This Program
  • Long Term Shoulder Problems - You've had a long standing nagging shoulder problem that either limits or completely stops you from shooting your bow. This program picks up where most rehab programs fall short.
  • Protect Against Possible Injury - You want to protect yourself from potentially shooting career ending injuries because of the inherent imbalances caused by both your shooting form and day to day activities.
  • Tournament Preparation - You're preparing for a major tournament and want to create a strong upper body to deal with the demands of shooting on a more regular basis.
  • Recent Shoulder Injury - You're coming back from a recent shoulder injury, such as impingement syndrome, torn rotator cuff or upper crossed syndrome, and would like to accelerate the recovery process and eliminate any chance of a repeat injury.
Comprehensive 6 Week Training Plan
Detailed training plan lasting 6 weeks. Progressed and scaled based on your level
Downloadable Cheat Sheets
Cheat sheets that you can print off and take with you to the gym. Always know how to do every exercise...
Every Exercise Demonstrated
We've filmed every exercise, with coaching cues from the top strength & conditioning coach in university sport.
Alistair Whittingham is the performance coach for a number of the worlds best archers, performance director at the University of Edinburgh.

And with close collaboration with the Strength and Conditioning team at the University, created a training program to overcome the most common challenges archers have. Injury, or risk of injury to the shoulder complex.

Whilst most people who encounter an acute shoulder injury follow the basic rehab protocols given out by their physio, this normally only goes so far to regain mobility and daily use. 

This commonly causes repeat injuries as the shoulder has not regained full strength.

The Strong Shooting Shoulders program picks up where traditional rehab ends, with a program to regain normal strength, and enhance the athlete to even stronger shoulders than prior to the injury
Just One Payment Of £47
This program is delivered 100% online, in the form of digital downloads and videos. No Physical product is shipped.

Regional based taxes may be applied to your order. 60 day money back guarantee, with absolutely no quibble
Hope Greenwood
1350 FITA Star, British Squad Member, Scottish Team
"I believe combining gym with shooting can vastly improve your archery. My shoulder used to hurt when I came over the peak on my compound, and I used to shoot a relatively light bow (and unimpressive scores) as I was worried about pain, wasn’t strong enough and felt like my shoulder was unstable.

Two or three weights sessions per week made a massive difference – building up a bit of extra muscle around my shoulders provided a lot of protection against injury and I could easily draw a heavier bow pain free. As a result everything felt a lot more solid, I felt like I was a lot more in control of the shots I was making and my scores started improving."
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